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Virtual Private servers are a very useful tool as part of your server hosting solution. Virtual Private servers can be used for anything from email hosting and web hosting to software testing and development. Virtual Private servers can be used as standalone servers or as part of your hybrid colocation solutions, where pieces of your server hosting infrastructure are handled with traditional colocation solutions and others are handled by our Virtual Private servers for maximum flexibility.

Virtual Private servers provide many different types of flexibility for your server needs. Virtual Private servers can be set up quickly, within hours in most cases, so you don't have to wait for equipment to be purchased or moved. If the needs of your server change, including needing more processing power, more storage or more RAM, a Virtual Private server offers the capability to have that done in a fraction of the time a dedicated server or collocated server would require. Besides the ability to change the specifications of your Virtual Private server, there is also the flexibility to choose whatever operating system and software your solution requires.

The ultimate in flexibility, our Virtual Private servers come with burstable bandwidth, which means you have all of the speed you need for high demand times, without having to commit to higher levels of bandwidth. You maintain control over your server at all times with an easy to use web control panel, and if you need assistance, our friendly and expert support team is here to help. With our Virtual Private servers, there is no need for you to make the trip in to the data center, changes are made remotely and our staff is always ready to assist you.

At Capital Internet, our Virtual Private servers offer you the ultimate solution for scalable hosting. Due to the ability of Virtual Private servers to be "turned up" and have their power increased, they are perfect for situations that require on-demand capacity as well as for business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. We have been serving the data center needs of the Atlanta Metro area for over 14 years, with a team of network engineers, techs and customer service personnel that provide you with the expert assistance you deserve.